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New Feature — Ai Generated Blog Posts direct to Webflow API
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Assistant helps with copy research and so much more.

The Datamaker Assistant Tool can help you complete everyday copy and research tasks. The assistant turns Natural Language requests into usable content.

Help with writing copy, researching SEO, grammar and text checking, idea research even creating content for CSV collections or even articles directly to Webflow CMS.

Natural Language Requests to Content

How can Assistant, assist?

How can we describe what Assistant can do? Imagine Alexa or Siri for Webflow users. Assistant can give you ideas for copy, tagline headlines, analyse data, correct spelling and grammar, answer your own FAQ questions, summarise, condense, re-write, and so much more.

Get copy tasks done.

There are many AI tools now on the market that write copy; however, Assistant uses the raw power of the AI only limited by what you ask of it through your prompt. No layers and no switching tools; write your request, get your copy

Great for research.

Use Assistant to research blog topics, SEO phrases, and even keywords. Use the data you collect to create entire blog posts, tweets or replies to customer questions. The uses are many and varied, but the do make you more efficient.

Write content directly to Webflow CMS

Webflow Connect

This new feature makes it easy to generate SEO optimized page titles and meta descriptions from AI generated blog content. With the click of a button, you can send the titles and descriptions directly to your Webflow blog collection, saving time and energy when creating SEO friendly content.

Webflow App

Adding the ability to connect to any Webflow account securely giving you access to your Webflow collections lets you create and add blog article data easily.

Just the beginning

Now that we have this amazing connnection capabiliites we have plans to add a host of useful Webflow data tools that interact directly with your sites.

Save your request prompts

More helpful features.

After using our tools for a while, we have added some features we wanted ourselves; they include the scratchpad to store content you are working on as you use the tool and Prompt Save. If you write an excellent input prompt that gets the content you need, save it for your next project.


Scratchpad is a notepad for content you are working on. You will create content you want to keep and use in your subsequent prompt request and copy it into scratchpad without needing a separate app.

Save your prompts.

When using Assistant, you will write input prompts that create just the content you need. Save your excellent prompts into a prompt saver ready for your next project.

And so much more

Other ways we use Assistant to complete tasks.

There are so many uses for Assitant we could not possibly list them all here. Check out our quick prompt recipes for more ideas. Here are a few ways you can use Assistant.

Create blog articles, publish to Webflow.

No more writer's block. Use Assistant to blog articles, summaries and titles along with SEO titles and descriptions and publish directly to Webflow CMS.

Create headings and paragraphs for topics.

Create multiple ideas for headings for content, then use the headings to generate paragraphs of content. Great for templates.

Create sample Webflow collection data.

Yes, this is possible. Use Assistant to create CSV structured data, paste it into a blank CSV, and import the file to a Webflow collection.

Search for top SEO keywords.

Use Assistant to list top keywords and even discover their daily search rate. Filter the results and create keyword-rich content.

Write SEO titles and descriptions for pages.

Use Assistant to write Google-friendly web page titles and descriptions from your page content.

Write sample menus for any restaurant type.

Need menu data for your new template? Ask Assitant to create a menu for any type of food from scratch with prices and ingredients.

Condense content.

Use the content at the end of a URL and ask the Assistant to condense it. Even suggest a maximum number of words to aim for.

Re-write content.

Use Assistant to rewrite copy for different intents, make it more sales-focused, promotional or motivational.

No more Lorem Ipsum!

Do away with dummy text and write real, context-correct text for your high-fidelity prototypes or templates.

Plus an infinite number of Webflow problems solved with Assistant.

Problem solvers are saying...

Our users are finding solutions with our tools see what they are saying.

I must say Datamaker is incredible, I was curious to see how it works, got the premium plan and truly amazed at how well it works. You are truly a genius. I'm keeping the plan forever ❤



Got a junior dev letting the AI write her a script to replace part of a string, she specified on the text box the div id that she wanted to affect and boom, th
Lucas Ramalho

Lucas Ramalho


Start solving your Webflow problems instantly.

If you have a Webflow related code, copy, seo or any other problem start solving it now with a 7 day unlimited trial.

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Frequently asked questions

Assistant from Datamaker is a fast, easy to use tool for creating written content, carrying out research and more from Natural Language Input. But you may have questions. Lets answer them.

How good is Assistant?

Assistant is capable of generating high-quality content that is both creative and engaging. It can be used to create blog posts, stories, and other types of written content. It has been reported to produce content on par with some of the best professional writers. Always best to human read what it writes before publishing, however.

Is the copy mine?

No, the copy is not owned by you as such. Why? The AI tool can write the same or similar content for the same or similar prompt written by anyone using the tool; therefore, the content generated is not the sole ownership of the person entering the prompt. For example, if you ask, "what colour is the sky?' it would not be correct to claim you own the answer 'the sky is blue. However, you can use the content in any way you see fit.

What does unlimited use mean?

A fair usage limit is set at 75% of the maximum of 250,000 tokens. Going beyond the fair usage limit may result in additional charges or account suspension. If the account is suspended, users can receive a pro-rata amount of one monthly payment if they choose to close the account.

Can I charge customers for the code it produces?

Yes, you can charge people for using you to create content with Assistant. There are no restrictions on how you can use Assistant generated content or how you generate income from the content you produce.

You must not, however, use Assistant to create the following types of content:Hate, Harassment, Violence, Self-harm, Sexual, Political, Spam, Deception, Malware. Please see our usage terms for more information.

Do I need to add any attribution?

Yes, AI-generated content should always be attributed to the source that created it. Attribution is important to ensure proper credit is given to the creator of the content and to avoid any potential copyright issues.

It is good practice to acknowledge the role of AI in formulating the content is clearly disclosed in a way that no reader could possibly miss and that a typical reader would find sufficiently easy to understand.

This could be with an acknowledgement of the use of AI for writing, editing or researching any publication. For example, this can be done easily with an asterisk linking to the attribution in an attributes page. On the page, you could use an attribution like this:

“The author generated this text in part with GPT-3, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model. Upon generating draft language, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the language to their own liking and takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.”

For a more detailed understanding, see the GPT-3 Open AI terms here.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions feel free to contact us.