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Coder solves your coding problems.

The Datamaker Coder Tool simplifies coding tasks for Webflow by turning your inputs into custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript snippets to use in your projects. It saves time, simplifies coding, and helps make Webflow projects easier to manage.

Natural Language Requests to Custom Code

Input, output, iterate.

That sounds complicated, but it isn't here is why you know what you are trying to solve, so ask Coder to "write a script that does XYZ" and click generate.

Once you have your new starter script, you can iterate with new requests that add to and modify your script until it's right. Take a look at the example video.

You don't need to know code.

You don't need to be a coder; you just need to express what you need in a logical order.

Javascript, HTML, CSS +

Coder knows all the syntax. It can write custom HTML, CSS or Javascript, plus many more programming languages.

Save your code snippets

If its good, keep it.

Once you have the code you want, you can save an unlimited number of snippets in your Code Saver to use on future projects.

Save your code snippets.

Once you are happy with your code, click the save icon, name your snippet and hit 'Save'. Your saved code snippets will show up in your saved code list.

Copy and iterate.

Continue iterating on a previously saved code snippet, locate it in the Saved Code list and click the copy icon and paste it into the 'Input' box.

And so much more

A few ideas on problems Coder could solve for you.

Where to begin? Well as Coder writes code and we want to write code for Webflow lets take a look at some ways we could and have used it.

Calculate readtime.

A straightforward piece of code to create, and sure other great teams like Fin Sweet and Refokus have ready-to-go solutions. It's just as quick to use Coder.

Create mirror clicks.

Another solution that has been done well with other services such as Fin Sweet; however, you can create the same result without an import script with Coder.

Modify Rich Text Content.

A client wants to modify in a specific way some content in a Rich Text Element use Coder to create the script that does the modification easily.

Truncate text.

Your blog post summaries are too long. Truncate them with a nice ellipsis at the end, icon, text, or whatever you want.

Manipulate Collections.

Target a collection to do something outside of the Webflow box. Coder understands the Webflow collection structure.

Control forms.

Need a form to do something different maybe you need it to not submit? Create a custom snippet easily with just the form id.

Apply functions only on certain breakpoints.

What if you need to do the thing that you need to do on a breakpoint? Or maybe on a mobile-specific orientation? Coder can write those scripts.

Control video and audio media.

Create custom functions to control the playback of media on scroll or via custom Webflow-designed interfaces.

Add additional functionalitiy.

Give your logical description to the AI and see what it can come up with. Experimentation is the key.

Plus an infinite number of Webflow problems solved with Coder.

Problem solvers are saying...

Our users are finding solutions with our tools see what they are saying.

I must say Datamaker is incredible, I was curious to see how it works, got the premium plan and truly amazed at how well it works. You are truly a genius. I'm keeping the plan forever ❤



Got a junior dev letting the AI write her a script to replace part of a string, she specified on the text box the div id that she wanted to affect and boom, th
Lucas Ramalho

Lucas Ramalho


Start solving your Webflow problems instantly.

If you have a Webflow related code, copy, seo or any other problem start solving it now with a 7 day unlimited trial.

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Frequently asked questions

Coder from Datamaker is a fast, easy-to-use tool for creating custom Javascript, CSS, HTML and more from Natural Language Input. But you may have questions. Let's answer them.

How accurate is Coder?

The accuracy of the code depends on the complexity of the problem it is trying to solve. Generally speaking, it is quite accurate, as it has been designed to learn from its mistakes and improve itself over time.

Is the code mine?

No, the code written by the services Coder is built on is not yours, you can use it freely though. Coder uses a library of open-source AI tools developed by OpenAI, a research lab specializing in artificial intelligence. That means the code is formed from libraries such as HTML, Javascript and CSS, so whilst you are free to use the code, you have no ownership of the code.

What does unlimited use mean?

A fair usage limit is set at 75% of the maximum of 250,000 tokens. Going beyond the fair usage limit may result in additional charges or account suspension. If the account is suspended, users can receive a pro-rata amount of one monthly payment if they choose to close the account.

Can I charge customers for the code it produces?

Yes, you can charge people for using you to create code with Coder. There are no restrictions on how you can use Coder and generate income from it. You could offer programming services such as coding custom applications, creating machine learning models, or providing support and maintenance.

What code lanaguages does it support?

The full list of code languages supported by Coder is Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Go, Rust, Ruby, and Swift. Along with CSS and HTML.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions feel free to contact us.