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Password Strength Indicator

JavaScript code that is used to provide real-time feedback on password strength on a website's input form, often used during user registration or when changing a password.

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Step 1
Add the script

Copy and paste the script in to your Webflow project.

<!-- By Suiteflow • Password strength indicator -->
<script defer src=""></script>

Step 2
Add the attributes
Custom Attributes +
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Add this data attribute to your Password input field.
Custom Attributes +
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Add this data attribute to your text element that will show the current security level of the password being entered.
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Good to know

By default the password policy is set to at least 8 characters, must contain at least one uppercase letter, must contain at least one number.

Interactive and Real-time Feedback:

This script offers immediate feedback to users as they type their password into the input field. It dynamically checks the strength of the password and displays a relevant message. This creates a more engaging and interactive user experience, as users can see in real-time if their password meets the required criteria.

Enhances Security:

By checking for password strength, the script encourages users to create more secure passwords. It ensures that the password is not too short, and that it contains a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. This reduces the risk of weak passwords and improves the overall security of user accounts.

Customizable and Scalable:

The script uses data attributes to select password fields and corresponding strength indicators, which makes it easy to implement across multiple password fields and customize according to specific needs. This means it can be scaled up for larger websites with multiple different password input scenarios.


When the input field is empty, the password strength indicator reverts back to its original text, ensuring a clean, user-friendly interface. This helps to prevent any confusion that might be caused by leftover messages from previous input.

Overall, this script is a valuable tool for enhancing user experience and security on any website where password input is required.